Saturday, June 30, 2012


How I Made A Start

As someone who has loved reading since childhood and having the good fortune to have been around at the start of the commercial Internet and so had the presence of mind to register a domain like I've nevertheless always felt a little uneasy about electronic books. Having a bundle of pages in your hand, being able to read pretty much anywhere without the need for anything but light and also that warm glow that comes from having shelves upon shelves of book on display at home makes me feel good. Now, instead we are all being pushed into accepting the new world order where the same work costs me more and the publisher less - and with the exception of some well known names and lucky new break-through ones I am certain the authors are not doing much better financially - seemed a recipe for madness. Even having established based on the public domain texts being published by Project Gutenberg and others I found it hard to read more than a few pages or a chapter on a screen at one sitting - a PC screen wasn't it for me.

This all changed because of a recent combination of circumstances. I bought myself a nice shiny-in-a-brushed-steel-way Asus Transformer Prime tablet earlier this year and I also began a two month long journey to the Far East for work spanning May and June. As I write this I am less than 24 hours from getting on the plane to start the journey home - but that story is for another post. Normally when I go on holiday or a shorter business trip I'll tend to pack a paperback or three and maybe look forward to seeing if there are any good titles to pick up either at the airport or my destination; On my last real holiday to Bali the resort had quite a good selection of left-behind books in an ad-hoc library in their restaurant area, which seemed a great idea. I left a couple of the more trashy books I had bought with me behind to add to the pile.